Arco Voltaico


On this site you can find a list of my personal projects,

I'm born & bred in Madrid, but I moved to London on September 2018. I came here for several reasons, 1979-83 music, need to improve my English, etc...
I have a nice full-time soft developer job but I'll try to reduce my working hours again ...

I'm eager to meet new kind, interesting and open-minded people for having nice moments together and sharing projects, skills, knowledge etc...
So, don't be shy ;-) and email me or FaceBook me


  • Finally after making music for ages, I'm releasing my songs as Blinded By Passion. Each month a new track will be uploaded including different styles from darkwave, post punk, minimal synth to neomedieval. I hope you'll enjoy it.


  • I have been DJ-ing (as Artico77 or ArcoVoltaico) since 2002 on several clubs like Gris, ShandĂș, 666, Siroco, K-Hole, Lucy in the Sky, and promoted regular parties at La AbadĂ­a, El Templo del Gato or the Rebel Rebel. In addition I took part of La Cripta (De Profundis' predecessor) one of the most important dark music promoter on those days. My sessions are risky, sometimes wild, sometimes oniric. I use to mix diferent styles : punk, swampy rock, darkwave, minimal synth, experimental, sci-fi noises and unexpected tracks.


  • In the early 2011 I developed and released the first digital jukebox running on a regular basis in Spain. Focused on quality underground/different music is perfect to manage the music before the DJ sessions. Nowdays is available in Madrid before midnight at the iconic industrial Gris Bar where you can request a song from a large selection of punk, psychobilly, post-punk, minimal-wave, new wave, darkwave, industrial, shoegaze, experimental, idm, electro pop etc... You can enjoy the Android/iOS app now, and if you dare to run your U-Vox based jukebox, let me know ;-) It's specially tailored to replace the way we listen music at home / parties.


  • After two years working on a big record company, I created my own distro on 2003, devoted to darkwave-likely genres being partner of labels as Strobelight, Black Rain, Tesco, Manic Depression o Equinoxe. After selling 10,000 cds, I decided to pause this activity and sell only the REMAINING STOCK.
    I have recently revamped the web application that makes this business possible. If you happen to run a label, maybe you'd be interesting on using it too.
    Maybe you can help me to sell my cds ... big discounts can be applied :-)