Arco Voltaico


I'm Jordi, born & bred in Madrid, established in London since 2018. Thanks for checking my personal projects.
Always happy to connect with people sharing similar interests, so don't be shy and email me or reach me on FaceBook


  • After making music for ages, I'm releasing my songs as Blinded By Passion. Each EP is a work in progress, and has its own distinctive style, spanning from darkwave, post punk, minimal synth to neomedieval. I hope you'll find something you enjoy.


  • I have been DJ-ing (as Artico77 or ArcoVoltaico) since 2002 on several clubs like Gris, ShandĂș, 666, Siroco, K-Hole, Lucy in the Sky, and promoted regular parties at La AbadĂ­a, El Templo del Gato or the Rebel Rebel. In addition I took part of La Cripta (De Profundis' predecessor) one of the most important dark music promoter on those days. My sessions are risky, sometimes wild, sometimes oniric. I use to mix diferent styles : punk, swampy rock, darkwave, minimal synth, experimental, sci-fi noises and unexpected tracks.


  • In the early 2011 I developed and released the first digital jukebox running on a regular basis in Spain. Focused on quality underground/different music is perfect to manage the music before the DJ sessions. Nowdays is available in Madrid before midnight at the iconic industrial Gris Bar where you can request a song from a large selection of punk, psychobilly, post-punk, minimal-wave, new wave, darkwave, industrial, shoegaze, experimental, idm, electro pop etc... You can enjoy the Android/iOS app now, and if you dare to run your U-Vox based jukebox, let me know ;-) It's specially tailored to replace the way we listen music at home / parties.


  • After two years working on a big record company, I created my own distro on 2003, devoted to darkwave-likely genres being partner of labels as Strobelight, Black Rain, Tesco, Manic Depression o Equinoxe. After selling 10,000 cds, I decided to pause this activity and sell only the REMAINING STOCK.
    I have recently revamped the web application that makes this business possible. If you happen to run a label, maybe you'd be interesting on using it too.
    Maybe you can help me to sell my cds ... big discounts can be applied :-)